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We provide free initial consultations and will be happy to speak with you regarding legal issues. If you are arrested for DUI or accused of committing a felony or misdemeanor criminal offense, it is important to talk to an attorney who will fight for the protection of your constitutional rights. 

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Hattiesburg Criminal Defense Lawyer Robert Whitacre has defended hundreds of people in South Mississippi who have been arrested. Scroll down to see some of Attorney Whitacre's Notable Victories. He has extensive experience in the area of DUI defense


STATE VS. JH - Client indicted for Burglary of a Dwelling as an habitual offender. After a jury trial, Client found NOT GUILTY

 STATE VS. CT - Client indicted for Manslaughter. After a jury trial, Client found NOT GUILTY

STATE VS. JS - Client indicted for Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon. After a jury trial, Attorney Whitacre argued for a Directed Verdict of Acquittal due to the lack of the State's evidence. The trial court granted the Motion, finding Client NOT GUILTY.

 STATE VS. RH - Client indicted for Murder and Conspiracy. After a jury trial, Client found NOT GUILTY of Murder.

STATE VS. JA - Client charged with DUI 2nd Offense. After a bench trial, Client found NOT GUILTY.

STATE VS. CH - Client indicted for 11 counts of Uttering Forgery (Check Fraud). After Attorney Whitacre made the announcement of ready for trial, State dismissed all charges.

STATE VS. DO - Client indicted for Interstate Removal of a Child. After extensive negotiations, State agreed to dismiss the felony charge.

STATE VS. SP - Client charged with DUI 1st Offense. Attorney Whitacre argued a Motion to Dismiss due to the unavailability of a State's witness. The trial court granted Attorney Whitacre's motion, finding client NOT GUILTY.

STATE VS. KS - Client indicted for Possession of Precursor Chemicals. After Attorney Whitacre filed a Motion to Suppress the Evidence based on an invalid search warrant, the State dismissed all charges.

STATE VS. CJ - Client indicted for Statutory Rape. After extensive negotiations, State agreed to reduce the charge to a Misdemeanor

STATE VS. CH - Client indicted for 2 counts of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon. After Attorney Whitacre made the announcement of ready for trial, State dismissed all charges.


Attorney Whitacre has defended people charged with the following felony crimes:

DUI 3rd Offense
Prescription Forgery
Manufacturing Methamphetamine

Manufacturing / Growing Marijuana
Possession With Intent to Sell Controlled Substance

Sale of a Controlled Substance
Simple Possession of Controlled Substances
Interstate Removal of a Child
Possession of Precursor Chemicals
Larceny under Rental Contract
Felony Shoplifting
Credit Card Fraud
Automobile Burglary
Accessory After the Fact to a Felony
Taking of a Motor Vehicle
Theft of a Dog
Uttering Forgery

Grand Larceny
Commercial Burglary
Statutory Rape
Sexual Battery
Simple Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer 
Malicious Mischief
Armed Robbery
Simple Robbery
Aggravated Assault
Aggravated DUI with Death
DUI Mayhem
Residential Burglary
Burglary of an Occupied Dwelling
Shooting Into A Dwelling
False Pretense
Aggravated Domestic Violence
Felony Fleeing
Receiving Stolen Property
Possession of a Weapon / Firearm by a Convicted Felon

Attorney Whitacre has handled many misdemeanor cases involving charges such as:

Possession of Marijuana
Misdemeanor Possession of Controlled Substance (prescription pills)
DUI 1st and DUI 2nd Offense
Disorderly Conduct 
Shoplifting 1st Offense
Possession of Paraphernalia
Open Container
Possession of Alcohol in a Dry County
Misdemeanor Credit Card Fraud
Simple Assault / Domestic Violence
Possession of Naphthoylindoles (Spice)

Another important part of a criminal defense attorneys job is to obtain pre-trial release of his client from jail by providing services such as:

Hearing to Set Bail 
Motion for a Bond Reduction 
Habeas Corpus Relief
Preliminary Hearing

In addition to DUI defense and other criminal defense services, Attorney Whitacre can help by wiping away your criminal record or arrest record with a Petition for Expungement

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